15th Texas Cavalry Co. E


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We are A non-profit Civil War re-enactment group committed to bringing the past to life before your eyes, we are strictly historical ,we also hold living history's ,so if you would like to contact us to show up at your School,church , or work place feel free do do so to check for availability and to tell us your needs and we will help you as best as we can and being a non-profit group any donations would bet put to good use in continuing to keep history alive 
We would like you to come to an event if you are interested in history and want to participate but don't know where to start ,if you're looking for a new group , or you have been out of the hobby for awhile and looking to get back in, you can ask all the questions you want and get answers as well, you can see what camp life was like and we have some equipment for new troopers to borrow and see if this is the hobby you were looking for. I can't promise you will like it but I can say it would be a weekend like you have never had before. You also must know we do galvanize (to alternate between union and confederate impressions; therefore, if you have a problem with wearing a Blue uniform, this reenacting unit may not be for you.)

This month in August we will be at the Texas Civil War Museum on August 20th putting on a living history.

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